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A £20 booking fee is subject to pay if you click the button below.

Terms and Conditions

By confirming your booking you acknowledge you agree to the terms and conditions on this page. If you have any issues with the terms and conditions please let me know as soon as possible.

After you have made the initial enquiry I can hold the date for you for 48 hours before I need to confirm your booking. If you have changed your mind please let me know so I can pass on the date requested to another booking.

Your booking will be confirmed through email and you will be given a booking number. If any details of the event change once you have booked I will try our best to make it work, however it may be difficult to adjust the time and location on busy weekends. A final conformation will be sent out the week before the date of the event.

A deposit of 20% or minimum of £20 may be required to secure your booking. If the booking is cancelled with more than 2 weeks notice, the deposit, less a £40.00 booking fee, will be refunded. If the booking is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice there will be no refund of the deposit.

Payment of the party can be paid in cash to the face painter on arrival. Or an online payment can be made prior to the event to my PayPal account ( If the payment has not been made, the artist has the right to refuse service. An invoice can be sent out with all the payment details upon request.

Approved Products

I only use professional water based face paints which are fully compliant with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations. These paints are hypoallergenic and include anti-bacterial properties which are specifically for use on the face and skin. Paint can easily be removed using mild soap and water. Some skin types are prone to some very mild initial staining – a small amount of mild baby shampoo will remove this gently.

Water is changed regularly during a booking and clean sponges used for each face. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each booking.

On the Day of the Event

I will arrive at the event 30 minutes prior to the start time, or 15 minutes early at a Birthday Party or smaller event to allow me to set up. If necessary I will work slightly longer to make sure I cover the time we agreed on.

Requirements and Working Conditions

Please arrange for a suitable table and two chairs to be made available, and suitable protective cover should the face painter be working outside. Face painting often attracts a small crowd of people so an adequate space for waiting would also be helpful. In front of a door way or walk way is often not ideal.

Please arrange adequate lighting, a well light room or near a large window would be ideal.
If painting outside I require adequate shade, and shelter from the wind as much as possible.

I will not paint faces of anyone under 3 years of age. The face paint manufacturers do not recommend paint for anyone below this age and very young children can sometimes be overwhelmed by the results. I may paint a small design on hands or arms of children younger than 3 years of age but this will be at the discretion of the face painter.

I will not paint anyone who is obviously unwell (runny nose/temperature/rash) or has any other visible skin complaint (eczema; chicken pox; acne; cold sore; open wounds; eye infections etc).

I will not paint anyone against their wishes (this may result in stopping painting before the final result if a child becomes uncomfortable or changes their mind). Please do not force your child to be painted if they really are uneasy or unwilling – face painting should be an enjoyable experience for both the child and parent.

Children must be under constant adult supervision whilst being painted or waiting their turn.

If you believe the person to be painted has sensitive skin, a skin patch test can be carried out. It is the guardian’s responsibility to inform the face painter in advance if this is the case. Colibri Face & Body Art can not be held liable for any allergic reaction to the paint.

If you are making a booking for a children’s party, please ensure all parents are aware in advance that a face painter will be on site, especially when parents/guardians are unlikely to be present. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure that all parents/guardians have been informed and that any comments are relayed back to the face painter.

Without prejudice Colibri Face & Body Art reserve the right not to paint any persons we feel should not be painted.

Please be aware of the time it takes to paint each face. When making the booking I would have discussed the amount of faces that can be painted each hour. For a solo painter this is normally between 6 faces per hour (for normal designs) and 12 (for simple designs). Please be aware that any intricate or very detailed designs take significantly longer.

If more guests arrive than expected and need more time we can discuss with you whether we are available to stay longer. There will be a fee of £20.00 for every additional 30 minutes.
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